Membership FAQ

Why join?

The Boston Tri Delta Alumnae Chapter perpetuates the lifelong commitment of membership within Delta Delta Delta. It not only allows alumnae to continue sisterhood beyond their collegiate years, but also offers to strengthen the traditions, rituals, and histories of the Fraternity founded here in Boston.

What are the benefits of being a member?

Dues-paying members, in addition to being recognized as official members of the Boston Alumnae Chapter, are eligible for various perks during their year of membership, such as members only events, members only book club, event discounts, Boston resource center, mentorship opportunities, annual subscription to the Trident and opportunity to join the Officers Board. 

Why are there different dues and what are they for?

Dues are split into two categories: national and local. National dues are sent to Executive Office to continue the chapter's status as a recognized alumnae chapter of Delta Delta Delta. Local dues help the chapter host social events, support our philanthropic efforts and cover operating expenses. National dues are $20, and local dues are $30, totaling $50 for one year of membership. Life Loyal members are exempt from national dues, and only pay local dues ($30) for annual membership. Dues can be paid via Venmo here.

How do I stay connected and up to date with chapter happenings?

The Boston Alumnae Chapter welcomes you to stay connected through our website and join our Facebook group to stay up-to-date on all chapter happenings and opportunities. To join our email list to receive newsletters, evites and more, please sign up here. You can also stay connected through your account by logging in below!


Feel free to contact us with any further questions!